The RevBoss Outbound Engine

The RevBoss Engine is a productized blend of technology and consultative services that helps SaaS / B2B companies turbocharge revenue through outbound sales.  Let RevBoss focus on process, execution, and optimization so your sales team can spend more time on customer development, building relationships, and closing deals.

Great results begin with great relationships.

SaaS Customer Acquisition Consulting

RevBoss started as contract consulting practice in January 2013. We've worked with great companies like UserVoice, Ignite Social Media, Adzerk, Device Magic, Apex America, and many more to build strategies and processes that get customers.

Setting up a working sales process is no small task. The tough part, especially as a product founder, is that it’s easy to create a very naive one that will really impede your growth. I’m so happy we brought in RevBoss and their expertise in this area where we didn’t know what we didn’t know.
— Richard White, CEO @ UserVoice

RevBoss helped Adzerk develop a measurable, repeatable end-to-end sales process — from building our prospecting program to automating our reporting process to coaching our sales team on giving demos and closing deals. Highly Recommended. A++++. Would hire again.
— James Avery, CEO @ Adzerk

Eric joined our team as an interim Vice President of Business Development. We’d grown rapidly, but didn’t have efficient, measurable sales and marketing processes in place. Eric did a great job building an infrastructure that will help us continue our rapid growth.
— Jim Tobin, Founder & President @ Ignite Social Media is a blog in search of the perfect sales email.  The site is a crowd-sourced collection of outbound sales templates -- both good and bad -- meant to provide ideas, inspiration, and entertainment to sales professionals.

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