New Feature — LinkedIn Blaze

View and connect with a prospect via LinkedIn from RevBoss. You specified your targets, RevBoss found them, now utilize another avenue to quickly connect via LinkedIn during an email flow.


To the right of the prospects name in segment view, click the LinkedIn icon and it will direct you to their profile page. From here you can connect, send them a message, etc.


Create multi touch flows with easily being able to connect with prospects during email flows. This creates another source of connecting with a prospect other than just email, increasing your chances of getting their attention. LinkedIn is also more than just a place to find a job now, connect and network with the right targets in a much more automated but personable way.

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The RevBoss app is awesome. Building, testing and scaling a campaigns was a breeze. We literally booked a demo within minutes of starting our latest campaign.
ryan_mugshot Ryan O'Donnell, Founder & CEO,, Employus
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