Operations Manager

We need an Operations Manager that can help us plan, organize, and manage our growth.

We’re a small team without a lot of well defined processes — so many of us are wearing lots of hats and juggling too many balls and spinning several plates and doing numerous other metaphors that signify a busy team that’s terrified that something will fall through the cracks.

That’s where you’ll come in!

We’re looking for someone that can take ownership over a wide array of tasks and responsibilities that need a home and that can help us organize our business from the growth ahead.  The work will range from HR to accounting to billing to Board reporting to client service to sales to who knows what else — we’re hoping that you’ll find more ways to help once you get here. 

In short, you’ll work closely with the CEO and the management team to get things done.  And you’ll get to learn a lot about building and growing a business in the process.

Our team is increasingly remote, but this role is only available for candidates in the Durham, NC area.

To apply, please email your resume (or LinkedIn profile) and a good story to work@revboss.com. Use the subject line “Operations Manager”.

Why you might like this job:

  • You’ll play a meaningful role in driving our success.  We’re a small team and you’ll have your hands all over key parts of our business.
  • You’ll get to do your best work.  We hire great people and then trust them to deliver on their priorities, so you’ll have flexibility, autonomy, and plenty of opportunity to stretch your problem solving muscles.
  • You’ll work with a great team.  We’re smart, friendly, and ambitious.  We support each other, we take care of our clients, and we’re frequently hilarious.
  • We should have hired you 3 months ago. We’ve grown very quickly over the past 6 months and have all sorts of problems you can solve. 🙂

The things that you might work on in your first few months:

  • Help with HR, new hires, orientation.
  • Overhaul and execute pieces of our recruiting process.
  • Improve our reporting processes — internal, client, Board, etc.
  • Manage bookkeeping, A/R, A/P, client billing.
  • Improve our document prep process — decks, agreements, etc.
  • Manage inbound email and chat inquiries.
  • Get into the flow of back-office client work.
  • Help with marketing and revboss.com projects.

The skills and experience we’re looking for:

  • Experience in an HR, accounting, ops, etc. role in a small- to mid-sized company.
  • Experience with SaaS company tech stack — Salesforce, Quickbooks, Intercom, etc.
  • Experience working from home, at least partially.  (Our team is WFH until Jan at the earliest.)
  • Excruciating attention to detail and organizational skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Attitude, aptitude, and culture fit are more important to us than experience. 🙂

This role is only available for candidates in the Durham, NC area.

To apply, please email your resume (or LinkedIn profile) and an interesting email to work@revboss.com. Use the subject line “Operations Manager”.

Things have gone really well with with RevBoss. The team has been pro-active, the process has been seamless, and the results have been stellar.
Matt Tymn, Founder & CEO,, ParkAware
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