Fabl Customer Story

fablFabl provides a content marketing and customer engagement platform for large consumer and media brands.  The Fabl platform combines easy content management, e-commerce connectors, and social media integrations to make it easy for brands to create beautiful, engaging content.


Fabl Co-Founder and CEO Taj Forer had a great product with potential legs for a few different target segments.  But he wasn’t sure which segments were the most strategically valuable, nor was he sure how to pitch and package the product for each vertical.

Taj and his team decided to work with RevBoss to power the front end of the company’s sales prospecting efforts.  “We knew that we needed more prospect conversations in order to get more market feedback in order to focus our growth efforts,” said Taj.  “I worried that a homegrown prospecting effort would not be fast enough and probably wouldn’t easily scale, so we were happy to spin up the RevBoss platform.”


Taj worked with his RevBoss account manager Zach Boylston to design a plan to test 3 key verticals over a 3-month period.  Each vertical consisted of specific company types (industry, size, installed software), prospect types (job title, seniority), and targeted messaging.

“Using the RevBoss application, we were able to quickly churn up several prospect conversations in each of our test verticals, which really helped us iterate on our sales process and value proposition.” says Taj.


After a few months of deploying test campaigns to 1000s of prospects in each target segment, Fabl received clear market feedback that its best bet was to focus on large consumer and media brands.

The company has since been off to the races.  Months after kicking the subscription with RevBoss, Fabl 3X’d its RevBoss investment by signing a two-year agreement with an international motorsports brand, a deal that started as a lead sourced by the RevBoss sales development platform.

We’re very happy RevBoss customers — we’re consistently getting great conversations with some of the biggest brands in the world, which is leading to a healthy sales pipeline,” says Taj.

Before, we were relying on word of mouth. It was very inconsistent and frustrating. With RevBoss, we finally have a repeatable model. We are having great conversations and learning from all of our leads.
Anil Rathi, Founder & CEO, Skild

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