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Get More Shots On Goal

According to 2014 research from Accenture, sales reps spend only 34% of their time actually selling. This means that your sales prospecting team is wasting time on data entry, research, and a number of other activities that don’t move needle. RevBoss Leads solves this problem by filling your sales team’s inbox with pre-qualified, forward-moving prospect conversations. By automating the sales process up to the first conversation, RevBoss makes your sales team more efficient and more productive.

Presto -- a Pipeline

RevBoss Leads automates all of early stage sales funnel development process, which means that you’ll quickly see acceleration in your prospect conversations. Instead of starting the prospecting process from a blank slate, your sales reps will begin their workflow by following up on a pipeline of conversations with prospects that meet your detailed specification. An accelerated process also means that you can test more verticals and/or messaging strategies, gather insights more quickly, and iterate your process.

Any Vertical, Any Prospect

We’ve got your prospect data covered. You name it, we’ve sourced it. Looking for VPs of Marketing at mid-size e-commerce companies? Done. Want to target small business owners in South Africa? Also done. Executives at top US health care organizations? Done and done. Special case, hyper-detailed, niche target prospect? Talk to our sales team -- if we don’t already have it, the machines will find it.

Powered by Software, People...and the Robots

RevBoss automates your sales development process with a blend of software, machine learning, and people. We’ve transitioned many human tasks to software -- like searching a set of prospects to find the best fit according to specific criteria -- and use machine learning to improve our computing processes over time. When the robots get stuck, we route the process through human work stations -- for example our dedicated cloud workers complete 10s of thousands of transactional research and validation tasks each month. This combination of man and machine translates to ruthless efficiency for your sales organization.

RevBoss is more consistent and predictable than a BDR -- it is faster and  achieves a broader reach than a BDR can because it combines expertise with automation.
Grace Tyson, Founder & CEO, Luma

Build a Sales Pipeline

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