Modern Lead Generation Software

Automated lead generation software means greater efficiency and more qualified appointments for your sales team.

More Meetings On Your Calendar

Our Meetings product is an extension of our Leads product. In short -- Leads fills your pipeline with forward-moving sales conversations and Meetings harvests that pipeline to generate intro phone calls with your target prospects. We'll staff your engagement with a dedicated, well-trained sales development professional that will represent your business, advance conversations on your behalf, and schedule meetings on your calendar. In addition to the base fee for Leads, you only pay for the completed meetings with prospects that meet your criteria.

Ready To Go, Right Out of the Box

It takes months to build an outbound sales development process. RevBoss will have your process up and running in 2 weeks. Our lead generation software provides the data and process platform and our team of sales development reps will execute the process, putting qualified meetings on your sales teams' calendar. So no worries about sourcing data, finding the right tools, hiring reps, training reps, etc. -- we’ve got you covered.

Flexible Use Cases

We work with our RevBoss Meetings to solve a variety of sales development problems. For organizations that already have a sales development process in place, RevBoss can augment the existing team to provide additional capacity. For organizations that are searching for a repeatable process or have never tried outbound sales, RevBoss can tests new ideas, new targets, and new markets to quickly assess the viability of an ongoing outbound sales channel. For organizations looking for a more traditional outsourced sales model, RevBoss can replace your in-house sales development team altogether.

Pay For Performance

After a short fixed-fee on-boarding period, we operate on a pay-for-performance model with all of our Meetings customers. This ensures that our interests are 100% aligned and ensures that you only pay for the value that you receive. We believe in our technology, our team, and our process -- so we’re happy to take on a bit of risk in the spirit of partnership with our customers.

RevBoss has a turnkey approach. You tell them what you need in terms of your target audience and they do the rest. And the leads come in the door.
Mitchell Causey, Founder & CEO, Demandwell

Build a Sales Pipeline

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