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$250 / mo.

or $300 /mo. billed quarterly

Do-It-For-Me SaaS

$750 / mo.

or $800 /mo. billed quarterly

Full Service

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Plans start at $1,800 /mo.
Product Details:
RevBoss provides a self-serve SaaS platform to power your sales prospecting process.
We'll fill your account with qualified prospects, you manage the outreach process.
Get full service sales prospecting campaign management from RevBoss.
Unit pricing:
Discounts start at 2,000 prospect /mo. You don't pay for bounces.
$0.50 per prospect, 500 prospects per month to start
$1.00 per prospect, 500 prospects per month to start
Typically $0.50 per prospect + $1,300 per month.
All plans include:
Unlimited Segments & Sales Flows
Unlimited Users & Inboxes
Unlimited loving from the RevBoss team
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We've worked with dozens of customers of all sizes and types -- from very early-stage companies to industry juggernauts. We would love to learn about your sales process and your sales goals. And we'd love to help if we can.

How is RevBoss different?

Outputs, Not Tools

Instead of requiring you to learn new tools and processes, RevBoss provides the outputs you need to hit the number. Sales teams should sell, not futz around with marketing tools.


We’ve automated big chunks of the sales development workflow like prospecting, research, and outreach. RevBoss makes your team more efficient.

On-Demand Workers

Key pieces of our process run through our full-time teams in Nepal and Kenya, meaning we can provide high-value human inputs at scale.

Fast Ramp

RevBoss is up and running in 2 weeks or less -- guaranteed. You’re still collecting resumes 2 weeks after posting your SDR job.


We’ll share all of our performance data and we’ll be brutally honest about our effectiveness. There are no sunshine pumps at RevBoss.

Customer Love

Our customer success team is smart, pro-active, and responsive. We’re going to move heaven and Earth to give you the best chance of success.

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Do I need to sign a contract?

Product customers have the option of a month-to-month agreement or an annual agreement, which includes a discount for annual pre-payment.

For Leads and Meetings customers, we require either a 6-month agreement (with no set-up fee) or a 3-month agreement with a one-time set-up fee.

How does RevBoss define a prospect?

We meter our agreements based on the number of new prospects RevBoss deploys per month. A new prospect means that RevBoss sourced the prospect, it matches your desired criteria, and it successfully delivered an email to the prospect.

We don't charge you for email addresses that bounce, though we automatically recycle them in effort to successfully deliver them. And we don't charge for prospect email addresses that you upload to RevBoss.

How does RevBoss find leads?

The RevBoss data set is 200M+ prospects from a combination of data that we’ve licensed, scraped, sourced via 3rd party APIs, and gathered from our online cloud workers.

For most customers, a search in the RevBoss data set will do the trick. RevBoss finds the companies, prospects, email addresses, phone numbers, and relevant other information, including custom qualification data.

If your desired lead types aren't easily available in the RevBoss data set, we can help you evaluate other sources and build a custom process to find the right input data.

Do you set goals/benchmarks with your clients so they can expect a certain ROI?

We benchmark the number of prospects that we start for our customers each month -- typically 600 to 1000 prospects that meet detailed company and prospect specifications that we agree to in a contract.

We set goals for reply rate and hand-offs, though they’re much harder to control. It is easier to set goals for customers that have experience with outbound sales because we have a basis for comparison.

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