RevCascade Customer Story

RevCascade, a NYC-based software company, is on a mission to change the way that brands and retailers approach commerce.

RevCascade’s marketplace automation platform enables brands and retailers to easily leverage the massive and growing $700 billion global online marketplace channel. By automating what was previously a manual and inefficient process, brands can easily plug into hundreds of e-commerce sites through one integration, while also enabling retailers to launch, operate and scale their own marketplaces.


Co-Founder & SVP of Business Development Samantha Henderson and her small sales team needed additional resources to ramp up their pipeline. While RevCascade had identified a few high-yield prospecting verticals, they didn’t have enough time or enough manpower to really dig deeper.

They hadn’t yet been able to narrow down their targets and build a repeatable process. Without extra resources to hire more people internally, and not wanting to overload their current reps, they turned to RevBoss.


With previous success using Wayfair and users as a prospecting resource, the RevBoss team started where RevCascade left off. The primary goal was to identify the specifics of RevCascade’s ideal customer profile — verticals, target companies, company size, and which titles within the company would be their best point of contact.

RevBoss set up multiple campaigns to quickly and simultaneously run tests, and depending on the vertical, fed leads to different sales reps on the RevCascade team.

And, as the RevCascade team saw more closed deals from inbound leads in new verticals, the RevBoss team started diving into those industries and uncovering new ideal buyer personas.


In a quick three months, Samantha and her sales team have closed 10% of the leads provided by RevBoss. RevCascade now has a deeper understanding of who they want to target within the Retailer and Brands verticals, who they need to contact to get in the door, and how to reach the decision maker.

“The RevBoss team is great to work with, helping us to nail down a good cadence that people actually respond faster to than before,” said Samantha. “The more we work with RevBoss, the more we can test and learn about our buyer personas.”

RevBoss is more consistent and predictable than a BDR -- it is faster and  achieves a broader reach than a BDR can because it combines expertise with automation.
Grace Tyson, Founder & CEO, Luma

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