SnapYeti Customer Story

SnapYeti is an online marketplace for photo contests.  Brands create contests and participants share photos to compete for prizes. The company works with hundreds of brands across a variety of segments to provide turnkey photo contests that drive
social media engagement.


Before working with RevBoss, SnapYeti reached out to prospects one-at-a-time with a very personalized approach. This method worked well but SnapYeti founders Justin and Adriane struggled managing all of the moving parts and didn’t know how to scale their process. “We knew we had a process that worked well, we just couldn’t figure out how to make it go faster,” says SnapYeti Founder and CEO Justin Beard.

SnapYeti was stuck…but needed to grow quickly and raise additional capital.


During the new client on-boarding process, RevBoss first worked with SnapYeti to identify key verticals and target companies. SnapYeti came ready — they knew exactly the verticals they wanted to target and, based on their previous efforts, knew the messaging mix that would move their prospects to action.

The biggest question mark for SnapYeti came down to identifying a long-term data sourcing strategy and then turning source data into workable prospects. After some collaborative research with the SnapYeti team, RevBoss sourced several very large datasets containing lists of target companies, the most useful being product categories on

RevBoss fed these inputs into its automated sales prospecting app called the RevBot, which augmented company records to get a more comprehensive view of the target, sourced target prospects (marketing and social media contacts) at each company, and then verified emailed contact information for each prospect. The RevBot provided the steady stream of targeted prospects necessary to scale up SnapYeti’s sales outreach.

Lastly, RevBoss helped SnapYeti to refine its sales messaging and then iterate by testing small batches to optimize for opens, clicks, and — most importantly — engaged replies. The winning approach for SnapYeti turned out to be a 4 message email cadence that pitched the prospect on a “personalized” photo contest relevant to their target vertical. Because the RevBot could easily source and segment prospects, the RevBoss team was able to build personalized messaging snippets by vertical and then merge the snippets seamlessly into the email copy.

SnapYeti was able to scale its sales outreach to address thousands of prospects and still maintain a friendly, personalized feel.


Over the course of March and April 2015, RevBoss sourced over 2000 targeted prospects for SnapYeti and churned up dozens of qualified sales conversations, resulting in 16 new photo contests on the SnapYeti platform, 40 confirmed contests in the pipeline, and important traction points for its fundraising conversations.

Justin from SnapYeti is happy with RevBoss thus far: “I can’t overstate how happy we are to have RevBoss managing our sales prospecting and sales development program. They generate qualified sales conversations and have saved us so much money and time. I would rather hire RevBoss than hire a salesperson — I can’t imagine a full-time sales development rep achieving the same results we’ve gotten from RevBoss.”

Justin’s business partner Adriane Goetze agrees: “We can’t imagine doing this ourselves — the RevBoss process is so efficient and so effective that it makes no sense whatsoever for us to hire someone to do outbound sales development.”

RevBoss is more consistent and predictable than a BDR -- it is faster and  achieves a broader reach than a BDR can because it combines expertise with automation.
Grace Tyson, Founder & CEO, Luma

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