Katie Ostrowka

Katie writes messaging for clients’ campaigns and manages client relationships.

Before joining Revboss, Katie worked in publishing in NYC, where she produced audiobooks and got to meet all kinds of authors and celebs, and even once went to the Grammys — and she’s not afraid to name-drop if asked about it.

She earned her BA in Communication Studies and MA in English from UNC Greensboro, and studied abroad twice — once in Sweden and once in Denmark.

When not Revboss-ing, Katie enjoys yoga, getting crafty, and traveling (her furthest and favorite trip was to India). She lives in Durham with her husband Mike, their cat Chupa Cobbler, and over 60 potted plants.

RevBoss has a turnkey approach. You tell them what you need in terms of your target audience and they do the rest. And the leads come in the door.
Mitchell Causey, Founder & CEO, Demandwell

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