Kayla McEvoy

Kayla works with our clients to build and execute email prospecting programs that generate convos and cash.

As a recent transplant to North Carolina from her home state of New Hampshire, Kayla spends most weekends exploring new hiking trails, trying new restaurants, and finding things to do around Durham.

Growing up, Kayla was a standout flautist and even had opportunity to perform on stage with Ian Anderson.  This experience intensified her dream that possibly, someday, she would be a professional flautist. (Alas, she is not…but good for RevBoss and our clients, right?)

Kayla graduated from Plymouth State University and lives in Durham with her husband Shawn and their dog Jersey.

Things have gone really well with with RevBoss. The team has been pro-active, the process has been seamless, and the results have been stellar.
Matt Tymn, Founder & CEO,, ParkAware
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