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BLASTmedia, an Iblastmediandiana-based B2B public relations agency, helps enterprise tech and SaaS companies tell their stories.

Specializing in media relations, content creation and amplification, the BLASTmedia team has over a decade of experience in helping tech brands, like Appirio and Apteligent, transition from conversation participants to conversation leaders.


Having been solely reliant on client referrals and inbound leads for the past 5 years, President Lindsey Groepper and her team decided that they wanted to invest in a proactive growth strategy and start focusing more strategically on sourcing new business.

There was only one small problem — they didn’t have a full-time salesperson on the team, and they hadn’t worked with one in years. While new business is part of what Lindsey manages, she’s not 100% dedicated to it and didn’t have time to direct more of her focus to creating an outbound sales process.

So, they decided to outsource their outbound lead strategy and enlisted RevBoss to grow the firm’s new business pipeline.


After being in business for almost 12 years, Lindsey and her team knew exactly who they wanted to target, but they relied on RevBoss to find and reach out to the prospects, as well as execute the process.

Without a lot of initial target testing needed, BLASTmedia experienced a quick ramp-up and Lindsey was on the phone with qualified prospects within the first week.

The fast-paced effort has continued to an extent that even prompted Lindsey to ask RevBoss to put the outreach on pause for a week — “I was gearing up to be out of town and knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the amount of leads looking to schedule conversations, so I reached out to RevBoss and asked them to pump the brakes.”


In the first 60 days, BLASTmedia closed one deal that paid for RevBoss for the entire year. And over the course of the next 9 months, they closed another 6 deals that individually more than tripled their monthly RevBoss investment.

BLASTmedia’s initial expectations were quickly exceeded. “Our goal from the beginning was to get one client per quarter — and that would’ve been great — but we ended up getting 7 for the year, so we’re really happy with the results,” said Lindsey.

Lindsey also stated that when deciding on a solution, RevBoss was an easy choice — “We felt ‘sold to’ with other companies, but I really appreciated the level of transparency and the ease of the on-boarding process with RevBoss. We knew if we felt that way working with the internal team, then we could trust how we would be represented to potential clients.”

Things have gone really well with with RevBoss. The team has been pro-active, the process has been seamless, and the results have been stellar.
matt-tymn Matt Tymn, Founder & CEO,, ParkAware
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