Product Features

More Automation Equals More Productivity — Introducing Rep Steps!

We just shipped a new set of features to help make your sales reps more productive — it’s called Rep Steps and we’re really excited about it. ... Continue Reading »

New Feature — Pause Flows

Easily pause published flows with the switch of a button. Function From inside a flow, temporarily pause flows to stop all actions of that flow for the ... Continue Reading »

New Feature — Bounced Email Recycler

Bounced emails are a part of the game with outbound sales.  Even though we double verify the email addresses you source in RevBoss and are transparent about ... Continue Reading »

New Feature — Flow Queues

Tee up your workload for the week and forget it. With flow queues, moderate the amount of new prospects you send to in a day, per flow. ... Continue Reading »

New Feature — Email Quality Indicator

Bounced emails are a fact of life for sales development reps.  And as hard as we try, not all email addresses that RevBoss sources will be accurate. ... Continue Reading »

New Feature — LinkedIn Blaze

View and connect with a prospect via LinkedIn from RevBoss. You specified your targets, RevBoss found them, now utilize another avenue to quickly connect via LinkedIn during ... Continue Reading »

New Feature — Personalized Sales Email

While writing copy, it’s a nice quick personal touch to be able to add in the person’s first name, title, or company name. Writing out these types ... Continue Reading »

New Feature — Sales Email Tracking

Reporting is a vital feature to the RevBoss app. All of your efforts and testing don’t mean a whole lot if you can’t learn from it. Our ... Continue Reading »
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RevBoss has been a great for us -- the lead quality has been very good and the unit economics are on par with our other growth channels."
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