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We’re happy to announce new pay-for-performance offerings at RevBoss.

The concept is pretty simple:

  • You specify the types of companies / prospects that you want to target.
  • We tee up the leads (or meetings).
  • We get paid when we do a good job…and we don’t get paid if we don’t.

Our customers and prospects ask us about pay-for-performance just about every day, so we started testing the offering in December.  The results have been good and our guinea pig customers are happy, so we’re excited to on-board our next batch of customers.


Zero Risk:  Pay-for-performance means that our incentives are perfectly aligned with yours, which sometimes isn’t the case with lead gen companies.  If we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid.

Seamless Execution:  Once we’re up and running, we’ll integrate seamlessly with your brand, CRM, and team.  We’ll flex our process to fit your workflow and will work hard to ensure a great experience for your prospects and your team.

Fully Managed:  We’ll provide the data, the strategy (including custom messaging), the software, and the know-how.  All we need from you is some guidance during our on-boarding process.  After a couple weeks of ramp-up time, the prospect convos will start flowing.

Two Offerings:

We have two flavors of the pay-for-performance offering:

Leads — we’ll churn up qualified, engaged prospects that raise their hand via email and forward the conversations for your team to follow up on.

Meetings — we’ll activate qualified prospects and follow up to put meetings on your (or your team’s) calendar.

Pricing & Details:

Pricing for Leads and Meetings varies based on your target, your offering, and your volume needs.  Leads typically start from $200 per lead, Meetings start from $500 per meeting.

Note that we can’t offer pay-for-performance to everyone — we’ve learned that we need to be selective to ensure that we can deliver and that the economics make sense for us and for our customer.  But we’re happy to chat about it with anyone.

Drop us a note if you’d like to learn more.


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