RevBoss Integrates With Everything


We’re excited to announce that RevBoss integrates with (almost) everything.

We built an integration with Zapier so that you can seamlessly connect your RevBoss process with your CRM and the other tools in your sales / marketing stack.

Do you need to integrate RevBoss with Hubspot or Salesforce or Zoho or Pipedrive or Highrise or Dynamics or MailChimp? Still trying to figure out what to use and just want your prospects to go in a Google Sheet?  

No worries — all of this just got super easy.

How the Zapier Integration Works

Zapier automates communication between lots of different web applications through “Zaps” — a set of triggers and actions.  For example, one of your Zaps may be, “When a prospect replies (trigger), add them to Salesforce (action).”

Side note: Zapier is super useful in general with over 750+ apps, and they offer a free version of the product. We’re big fans and we’ve been Zapping for quite a while.

After setting up a simple connection between Zapier and your RevBoss account, you can easily trigger prospect data to your CRM, your marketing automation tool, a Google Sheet, etc. This means easier lead tracking, simpler performance measurement, no more manual data entry and a more organized process with your team.

Three Integration Triggers

We currently support three triggers:

  1. Completed — a prospect finished a sales flow and did not respond.
  2. Replied — a prospect responded to a sales flow.
  3. Unsubscribed — a prospect unsubscribed from a sales flow.

This means that when a prospect does one of these three things, you can trigger an action in your CRM…or whatever else integrates with Zapier.  That might mean creating a lead in your CRM or creating a row in a spreadsheet or adding the prospect to a retargeting ad campaign.

How We’re Using Zapier at RevBoss


We’ve built a couple Zaps already using the new integration:

  • When a prospect completes a RevBoss flow without responding, they get added to an AdRoll segment so that we can continue to target them with RevBoss ads. We also add them to a sheet so that we can easily review and recycle prospects in other programs.
  • When a prospect replies to a RevBoss flow, they get created as a lead in Salesforce so that the record is already in our CRM once we engage with the prospect. We also add the prospect to an AdRoll segment so that we can begin hitting them with RevBoss re-targeting ads…just so we can stay on their radar.

How You Can Use Zapier with RevBoss

We’ve created handful of templates to make integrating with your favorite apps even easier — here are just a few of the things you can do:

Check out some of our other templates here. And if you’re interested in seeing a demo, just drop us a note.

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