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One deal that turned into a massive customer and paid for RevBoss for a year.

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90 days to build relationships with brands like PepsiCo, Ace Hotels and Gordon Food Service.

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45 days, 28 conversations, 11 deals.
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Closing a deal in first 60 days that paid for one year of RevBoss.
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Closing 10% of leads in the first 90 days.
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Catching the eye of an industry leader in less than a week.
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Tripling weekly demo’s with hidden prospects in banks.
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Saving 100+ hours a month on sales busy work.
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Tripling sales demo volume in a challenging customer segment.
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3X ROI in less than 10 months, growing sales pipeline of global brands.
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2000+ prospects, 16 conversions, 40 qualified oppys in 60 days.
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30 days, 30 MQLs, $8,500 in bookings.
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I’m so happy we brought in RevBoss and their expertise in this area where we didn’t know what we didn’t know.
richardwhite Richard White, CEO, UserVoice
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