Sales Automation

Build sales Flows that automate the busy work and free your sales reps to spend more time selling.



Build Custom Sales Processes

Incorporate auto-emails, personalized emails, social touches, and phone calls into your sales process. Tee up your sales process and let RevBoss drive it forward.


Right Prospect, Right Flow

Customize Flows based on your prospect. Build customized content and workflows to hit specific job titles, to drip 90-day follow-ups, to respond to inbound inquiries, or to follow up with those trade show leads.


More Automation Drives More Personalization

RevBoss will automate sales busy work like building your daily to-do list and sending auto-emails, which enables your reps to spend more time on personalized outreach.


Email & Task Notifications

Get email and in-app notifications so that you can stay focused on on your key tasks.  No more wondering what to do next — there is always a clear next task.


Automatically Remove Replies and Opt-Outs

RevBoss automatically stops Flows for prospects that have responded or opted-out to an email or phone call, so you’ll never contact someone that you shouldn’t.

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