Prospect Segments

Specify your ideal customer profile and RevBoss will find the companies and prospects that meet your criteria.



Build Targeted Prospect Segments

Search and filter our data set of more than 250M prospects by company size, location, industry, job title, technologies, keywords, and more. Automate the prospecting process so that you can spend more time selling.


Use Your Own Data

Upload a .csv file of prospects to RevBoss to build segments using your own data. Import partial records — e.g. just a list of domains — and rely on RevBoss to append your list with the right company details, the right prospects, and the right contact information.


Get Accurate Contact Info You Need

RevBoss algorithmically sources contact information for every prospect in your segment — email address, phone number, and social profiles. Get the full picture for each prospect so that you can qualify and advance to your sales Flows.


Custom Fields

Augment your prospect records with custom fields and content. Merge custom fields in your sales emails to personalize your outreach and improve your reply rate. Include custom fields in your call scripts to build rep confidence and increase connect rates.


Test & Learn Quickly

Build segments to quickly test new target markets, niches, and job titles. Size the market, test a small slice, and go big once you find a segment that works.

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